Message From The Director General

It is with great honor and gratitude that I present my maiden message to you dear readers through this edition of the newsletter of ACB. I owe it to GOD that I am where I am because of HIM. I believe there is a mission to be accomplished as I serve the people of Malawi in the fight against corruption.

I am aware that you have a lot of expectations from me and that you will not accept any excuses. Alongside your expectations, I also have my vision which will guide my tenure as ACB Director General. It is my promise to you the people of Malawi that I will do what I can do within my power and the law to serve you and not to disappoint you. I therefore implore each one of you to be patient and active in the fight against corruption. Let’s join hands. Stop being spectators! Come down from the terraces so that we can fight together against the enemy that is among us that is called corruption.

Corruption is a beast eating away our classroom blocks. Corruption is a beast eating away our roads. Corruption is a beast eating away our drugs in hospitals. Corruption is a beast eating away our children’s future. You cannot just stand and watch this beast destroy the future of  our nation. Together we should fight it and rescue Malawi from its jaws. To this end, I wish you a good reading as this newsletter also provides you with the appropriate arsenal with which you can fight the beast.

Enjoy the reading.

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