Public Education Department

Some of the PED clients include: –

  • Public bodies – means Government, and includes Ministries, Government Department, Statutory Corporations and any other body appointed by government.
  • Public Officers – These are employees in service of a public body and includes President, Vice President, Ministers, Members of Parliament and Civil Servants.
  • Private Bodies – Persons or organizations that are not a Public Body i.e. NGO’s and Charitable organizations.
  • The General Public – Includes any individual, complainants and all victims of corruption.
  • Media – Includes electronic and print media.
  • International Organizations – Includes Donor Community.

Some of the role players include: –

  • Treasury – The Public Education Section through the Bureau gets funding through treasury.
  • Malawi Police Service – Assists the PED of the Bureau through provision of security, conducting activities i. e. National Anti-Corruption Day.
  • Other Case Handling Institutions – The PED of the Bureau shares information with other case handling institutions i.e. Ombudsman, Malawi Human Rights Commission.
  • Southern African Forum Against Corruption – The regional body strengthens regional anti-corruption bodies through training, exchange of information and best practices.
  • National Initiative for Civic Education (NICE) – The organization assists ACB in public awareness activities and soliciting public support against corrupt practices.
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