Public Education Department

Anti-Corruption Motivational talks in schools
This is one of the methods mostly used to disseminate information to the youths in schools. The main aim of the talks is to inculcate a culture of integrity and good moral values among school youths so that they should grow into good citizens. 

Anti-Corruption Workshops

The anti-corruption workshops aim at equipping participants with information about ACB and effects of corruption and how it can be reported to ACB. Often times trainees/participants are also trained to sensitise others on the issues of corruption. The workshops target a particular grouping like Public officers such as accountants, procurement officers; youths, religious leaders among many others.

Electronic Media Programmes – Radio

Realising that many people in Malawi listen to the radio; the ACB is also using this media as one way of disseminating information to the public. Radio reaches all corners of Malawi and it has proven to be an effective way of disseminating information especially to the public in remote areas. Community Radio Stations are particularly used as most of their target listeners are the citizens in rural areas. Programs such as Radio jingles, drama, panel discussions are also used to inform and educate listeners on corruption issues.

Print Media Programmes

The urban population and some from rural settings get informed on corruption issues in Malawi through the print media apart from the radio and other platforms. The local newspapers publish stories on ACB activities.

Football and Netball Bonanzas

Bonanzas are a powerful tool that is used to mobilize the general public and out of school youths. The bonanzas are used to attract the youths with the aim of giving them anti-corruption and integrity messages and instill a culture of integrity in youths that are out of school and empower the citizens to fight corruption intheir communities.


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