ACB arrests foreigners for illegal entry into Malawi

On 4th November, 2018 the Anti-Corruption Bureau in conjunction with the Malawi
Police Service arrested twenty (20) people from Pakistan and their Pakistani agents
in Malawi. They were arrested after they entered Malawi through Kamuzu
International Airport using illegally obtained visas.

This is a continuation of investigations by the Bureau on allegations of connivance
among public officers in allowing foreigners to use the country as a transit route to
other countries.

They are being kept at Lilongwe Police Station awaiting remand to Maula Prison.
They will be taken to Court in due course. Investigations into the case are ongoing.
The Bureau is urging all Malawians to report any such immigrants to the Bureau and
desist from assisting foreigners to illegally enter the country as that is a threat to the
security of our country and its neighbours.

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