In 2003, the United Nations General Assembly designated 9th December as the
International Anti-Corruption Day. This is the day when people all over the world
reflect on the fight against corruption.

This year, Malawi commemorates the day under the theme “INTEGRITY; KEY TO
A CORRUPTION-FREE MALAWI.” The theme calls upon all of us to uphold
integrity as one of our societal values and denounce corruption as a serious anomaly
in our way of life.

The commemoration is preceded by the anti-corruption awareness month which runs
from 8th November to 8th December. Prior to the day, there will be an anticorruption march within the City of Mzuzu on 8th December, 2021.

The main activities to mark the day will be held on Thursday, 9th December, 2021 at
the Grand Palace Hotel in Mzuzu from 9 o’clock in the morning to 12:30 in the
afternoon. Delegates to the commemoration will discuss the challenge of corruption
and what some sectors are doing to deal with the scourge.

The Anti-Corruption Bureau is therefore inviting all stakeholders including members
of the public to be part of this year’s commemoration by participating in these
activities through radio or being physically present.

Let us embrace integrity and make Malawi a corruption-free nation for the good of all
of us.




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