Court sentences industrial relations court official in Lilongwe.

On 13th March, 2014 the Anti-Corruption Bureau received a complaint alleging that Mr. Brian
Katimba, Acting Registrar of the Industrial Relations Court in Lilongwe was soliciting an
advantage from Burundian nationals. Two Burundian nationals sued Jesuit Relief Services at
the Industrial relations Court for unfair dismissal. They were awarded K300, 000.00 each as
compensation by the Court. It was alleged that the Acting Registrar demanded some money
from the Burundians for transport.

On 14th March, 2014, the Anti-Corruption Bureau arrested Mr. Brian Katimba soon after he
had received K100, 000.00 from the Burundians. He was taken to Lilongwe Magistrates Court
where he was charged with one count of corrupt practices by public officer and one count of
abuse of office contrary to Section 24 (1) and 25B (1) of the Corrupt Practices Act

On 15th August, 2019, the Court found Mr. Katimba guilty and convicted him on both counts.
On 23
rd August, 2019, the Court sentenced him to twelve months and eight months
imprisonment with hard labour on each of the two counts respectively. The sentences were
suspended to eighteen months and twelve months respectively. The Court considered the
fact that he has lost his job and career following the conviction and that he did not
personally benefit since the money was recovered in full.

The Anti-Corruption Bureau is warning all public officers to desist from demanding payments
for services which are supposed to be offered for free as that is an offence under the Corrupt
Practices Act.

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