High Court in Lilongwe dismisses compensation claims with costs.

On 29th April, 2019, the High Court in Lilongwe dismissed compensation claims in Civil
cause number 518 of 2011 between Harry Phiri and the Bureau. Mr. Harry Phiri sued
the Bureau for malicious prosecution, false imprisonment, defamation and legal costs
of the suit.

The legal suit was in relation to the case of suspected abuse of office and failure to
disclose interest by Mr. Harry Phiri who was the District Commissioner for Mchinji that
time. He was arrested and prosecuted in 2009. The suspect was acquitted by Mchinji
Magistrates Court. It was after the acquittal that he instituted the suit in August, 2011.

The ACB had successfully defended the case and prevented the loss of tax payers’
money through the claims for compensation and costs of the action.

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